Who hates group assignments? Me! (How I survived group assignments for an online journalism class)

I worked in teams throughout my previous journalism courses. In the hopes of building effective journalism practices, I was assigned to a new group in the third week of every class. The teams consisted of five people whose purpose was to gain experience collaborating with fellow journalists and to create media. Our instructors formed groups... Continue Reading →


How can better educate people in America? We can better educate people by making the idea of striving toward higher education possible. We can make the idea of educating people on a higher level possible once we find a way to make higher education affordable. America’s higher education system is flawed in comparison to other... Continue Reading →

Managing relationships in the Workplace (Give me #YLP but make it professional)

Managing Relationships Effectively managing relationships in the workplace is a skill I wish to strengthen as I journey through my career path especially while trying to climb the career ladder; shooting for various leadership roles (which is always a goal of mine). Both my personal and professional relationships have distinct differences for several reasons revolving... Continue Reading →

Unethical Behavior in social media (against minorities) and how it’s really affecting us

A brief rant on a controversial issue: Unethical Behavior throughout social media against minorities and how it’s really affecting us. Compared to the past, our society does not have to create our imagery or rely heavily on professionals to deliver information; this has negatively affected trust. We are in a society of go-getters for information.... Continue Reading →

Has anyone watched the Rachel Dolezal Documentary on Netflix? Planning to? I’m asking for a friend…

There is an ethical dilemma revolving around the exposure of Rachel Dolezal’s true ethnicity as her personal life is in the spotlight. The Dolezal family claims that Rachel has been misrepresenting her ethnicity as the President of the local Washington State chapter for the NAACP (Nation Association for the Advancement of Colored People). Dolezal has... Continue Reading →

Call for submissions!!! #YoungLoudProud

If you're feeling Young Loud Proud please let me know! This call is for any poems, short stories, shout outs, pictures or any other media associated with the following concepts: Everything is Love, "I Like Me" (celebrating self love/ self care), "An Ode to: (insert a label/stereotype you'd like to see broken)," Entrepreneurship: celebrating young... Continue Reading →

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