Set Some Goals

Goal Setting

Goal setting is essential when striving for success, even though the goals and the reasoning for the goals may vary, it is important to indicate goals and reflect expectations.

Set personal & educational goals, prioritize &plan. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

Your idea of what will give you the best quality of life is what’s important.

While continuing education and obtaining a degree is a commonly set goal, some people will single-handedly equate that to success.

Continuing education and earning a degree after the completion of a program is important to students initially enrolling in school.

Many people create the goal of obtaining a degree with the expectations of financial stability in the future.

“Individual scholars recognized the importance of receiving a degree, whether undergraduate or graduate, through the effect on an individual student’s life both economically and personally.” (Gissinger, 2014)

Many students believe to succeed in life there is a need continue in higher/furthering their education.Educational goals are important but you should set some personal goals as well.



Female first generation college students from the working class: Motivation, strengths and coping skills: Gissinger, D. M. (2014). Female first generation college students from the working class: Motivations, strengths, and coping skills (Order No. 3640769). Available from ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Full Text. (1627178979). Retrieved from

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