Think Critically

Critical thinking is a thought process used to analyze information for a goal, a purpose, and to produce an objective result.

The process of critical thinking includes remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating.

Critical thinking is imperative in both professional and personal interactions as well as personal planning.

This method of thinking will execute in professional environments and personal lives when an individual becomes self-aware.

This thinking process allows people to create and produce new ideas based on the collection of information and experiences.

Barriers to Critical Thinking

I have determined a couple of obstacles that prevented utilization of this process. Two barriers that have impacted my critical thinking include rationalization and stress.

“Rationalization is distorted thinking that attempts to justify behavior motivated by self-interest or unacceptable desires.” (Gary R. Kirby, 2006, pg. 27) Rationalization can easily cloud judgment due to the continuous justification of an individual’s actions or behavior.

“Stress is excessive demand upon the body or mind, producing physical or psychological strain.” (Gary R. Kirby, 2006, pg. 45) Stress is a barrier that affects memory recollection, concentration, and judgment. These essential requirements are most impaired under stress.

Strong goal oriented people, sometimes juggle so much in the hopes of achieving their goals and become overwhelmed.

We can overcome both barriers by maintaining self-awareness and continuing to seek higher education. I think the first step was to becoming aware and recognizing the areas that need improvement.

Now that I have put a name to your biggest fault, be sure to separate your emotion and ego in any situation requiring a decision.



Gary R. Kirby. (2006). Thinking An Interdisciplinary Approach To Critical and Creative Thought. Retrieved from Gary R. Kirby, HUM115 website

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