Controversial Issues

A controversial issue creates the opportunity for open discussion.

“Inform yourself continuously so you in turn can inform, engage, and educate the public in a clear and compelling way on significant issues.” (Poynter, 2014)

As a journalist, I am required to educate myself for the purpose of educating the public; eliminating ignorance.

The goal of reporting is to expose the truth.

Covering controversial issues challenges me to detach myself and report solely on the facts. This means allowing a honest report, free of personal feelings and bias.

Here are a few controversial issues being discussed in 2016:

Please visit the following links to read more into specific issues that may affect you.

Institutional Racism: A system of inequality based on an individual or group’s race. An ongoing issue, impacting minorities, resulting from generations of inequality. Groups have formed to seek justice/change (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People-NAACP, ect.)

Global Warming: A continuous increase in the weather’s climate. Does not affect just a single group of people but every living thing world wide. Commonly discussed topic in media; deemed a national issue

Women’s Rights: Promotion of legal and social equality between  women and men. Resulting from the inequality toward women past and present. Groups have formed to seek justice/change (National Organization for Women-NOW)

Animal Research: Federally funded science conducted through the use of animal models or cells. Science is supported on many levels and involves government funding; proven to be beneficial.Groups have formed (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals-PETA) with strong opposing arguments but is considered an ethical practice.









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