Thanking you now 👁❤️

“All of my “let’s just be friends” are friends I don’t have anymore…” -Drake, Views 2016

“VIEWS” reminds me why Drake is among my favorite artists. When I listen to Drake, I find so much relevance.
One thing I’ve learned from the various friendships and relationships I’ve had, being in my 20s, is that sometimes change is OK, and you have to let go of people.
I previously thought it was something wrong in not staying connected to people who you once claimed to love or like a whole lot. Now I know that people are constantly changing: improving & maturing and that is inevitable so not everyone can maintain the same types of relationships.
I always talk with my girlfriends about our past relationships, the lessons we’ve learned from them, and even admitting that there are certain characteristics we miss. Realizing that space we’re in now, we’re thankful.

I know that it takes courage and strength to move past a situation when you can’t see past it.

One of my favorite songs on VIEWS is “Keep the family close” because it is an important message in it.

It is everything I wanted to say to my best friend after we separated after graduating high school, my first boyfriend and last. It’s mixed emotions of regret disappointment and anger; it’s a projection of what is and what could’ve been if things had been a bit different.
Don’t harbor on the past relationships we often put pressure on ourselves to change when that is inevitable. It’s the type of change that need to evaluation, and the realization that the change shouldn’t be for other people but ourselves.


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