I don’t like writing angry letters to corporations but it is necessary. I work hard for my money (so hard for it honey) and I am very picky and choosey with it. I implore you to speak up whenever you are not satisfied with your purchases or customer service experience(s).

To whom it may concern-

I purchased a Jet Set travel large logo bag on May 6, 2016, online.  I attempted to return the bag yesterday May 31, 2016 and received the worst customer service experience (at a retail location). I am writing to express my concerns as I believe that Michael Kors’ intent is to satisfy its customers. Expected the bar/standards for excellent customer service would be held to a higher standard.

I went into a Michael Kors retail store (1705 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103 around 3:40 pm) to make a return for my online purchase. Before traveling the distance to this location, I thoroughly reviewed the return policy online. The policy states that online purchases can be returned to any retail store.

The online policy does not state that sale items are not returnable in stores. I was refused a refund for my purchase (in the retail store) because my bag was on sale (online).

I explained that I lost my packing slip and was unable to mail the bag through the mail. I was confused and turned off by the attitude of the retailer so I decided to call customer service to confirm the unwritten policy.

I called (around 3:55pm)and spoke to a gentleman who seemed to think that my experience was laughable, as I heard him repeatedly chuckle. He went on to agree that since this bag was on sale that it could not be returned in the store.

I explained that this was not stated in the policy and that it was a huge inconvenience. I asked for any accommodation due to the inconvenience. In return, I was told “you want to be accommodated, but we are not here to appease you” I have never experienced this type of customer service from Michael Kors before; that statement was completely rude and unnecessary.

I have spent an abundance of my hard earned money supporting Michael Kors. I just wanted to make a return and did not expect to be talked to and treated so rudely. I told the representative that as a result of his service I would never make another purchase, and I will ensure none of my family or friends support this company/brand.


After the exchange, the customer service rep failed to follow through with emailing a return slip. I was denied the opportunity to be transferred to a supervisor or different representative. If possible, I would like to communicate with someone more professional in the hopes of processing my return.

Thank you.




*I am proud to say that I will no longer support this corporation.*