If you are what you eat…yikes!

Philadelphia needs an African-American owned grocery store or farmer’s market. There is not one in the entire city.

Collectively, we are capable of creating an affordable marketplace which will provide access to fresh, healthy, unprocessed, nonGMO foods; ultimately having control over some of the resources that are available in our communities.

Corporations, backing various franchises/markets, seem uninterested in the affordability and the health of our people; everything is about a dollar.

Throughout Philadelphia, it is common to see small mini marts, bodegas, papi store’s (however you want to refer to them) and these small businesses are ONLY for profit.

We should want to break the cycle of investing in these businesses because of convenience.

I want to create an alternative to the typical marketplaces where we are subjected to spending our money.

The picture attached to this campaign is of one of the most  popular mini marts available to Germantown’s residents in the late 90s. It appears to be abandoned today and has not yet been replaced.

My vision is to buy a small market (similar to the store in the picture)  and turn it into a quality marketplace or farmer’s market here in Philadelphia (19144).

This place will provide quality food, groceries, and the mission is not only to profit but to enhance the community.

We need to start investing in ourselves and our health (what we put into our bodies).

Creating an affordable business like I have in mind is going to take alot of planning, time, and money but it is going to be worth it.

Any contribution to the cause will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,