“No Justice, No Peace” -the black community

Ramsey Orta, a name associated with Eric Garner, has come up in the media countless times since 2014.

We will never forget the cold-blooded murder of Eric Garner as the recording was imprinted in the minds of every person who dared to view its content.

Due to Ramsey’s bravery (in recording and releasing the murderous altercation despite potential blowback), the world got to witness the injustice and brutality that Africans, African Americans, people with melanin, endure on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, the video content was not enough to bring Eric Garner’s family justice.

Ramsey was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to multiple drug charges and possession of an illegal weapon.

Ramsey explained his frustration over fighting these charges over the past couple of years.

These accusations have (suspiciously) formed following the release of the video recording that Ramsey released to the public displaying the murder of Eric Garner by the NYPD.

Some people believe this may be a form of retaliation from the local police department.

Although the police officer(s) seen in the video served no jail time, and are at this moment  very much free, Ramsey will leave behind his family to serve time in prison.

During his prosecution protestors cried out “No Justice, No Peace.”



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