Remembering the Freedom Fighters of MOVE

    The true revolutionaries of MOVE who loved life and fought hard for justice &freedom were bombed and murdered right here in the city of Philadelphia in 1985. Innocent men, women, and children lost their lives as an entire neighborhood burned to the ground in West Philly .

“UNITY is the key to revolution and that ain’t nothing to be afraid of.” -Ramona Africa

In this video Ramona Africa explains that the “revolutionary” doesn’t have to be violent or bloody but there’s an obligation for speaking up and speaking out. Ramona implores all people to not be fooled by color. After all, it was a black Mayor who decided to call for the dropping of the bomb. So it’s deeper than that.

MOVE was known for being extremely vocal and speaking out against the Federal government on the mistreatment and oppression of African Americans. They called for support from all Black people. “You’re gonna be victimized rather you stand up and fight or not…” -Ramona Africa

The activist of the MOVE organization called for all African Americans to “put in the work” for change. We can’t expect change if we don’t work for it. “We have to take the reigns and start dictating what happens.” -Ramona Africa

Below is an exclusive interview with Ramona Africa after the 30th anniversary of the bombing. It is the ONLY AERIAL  POLICE BOMBING ON U.S SOIL and will never be justified.

Has the “system” improved at all in 2017?


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