Need a vacation? Start planning now: 9 flight deals for January 2017

I think it’s safe to say that everyone is already over the unwelcomed artic blast. Although traveling after the Holidays may not be ideal (if you’re like me who just spent it all on bills and gifts), its the best time to find mindblowing flight deals and vacation packages. Here are 9 flight deals for January that wont leave you completely broke:

1. Travel from Philly to Miami

Travel to Miami THEN to LA

2. Travel from New York to Canada 

3. Travel from NY to Milan, Italy

4. Travel from NY to Dallas, Texas

5. Travel from California to Hawaii

6. Boston to Mexico City

7. Philadelphia to Puerto Rico

8. New York to Montego Bay

9. New York to Turks and Caicos

For more information on affordable flights visit and sign up for the daily newsletter at the Flight Deal’s official website.

Prefer the cold? Check out USA Today’s article “10 beaches you have to see in winter “


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