“Let Her Learn: Join the Fight to Stop School Pushout”

The Women’s National Law Center is made up of almost 60 advocates continuously fighting for equality and opportunity for all girls and women.

For over 40 years these advocates have been taking on challenges in the hopes of providing a better quality of life for all women in all stages of their lives (from grade school until retirement).

By advocating to enforce public policies and laws, the Women’s Law Center has exposed cases of discrimination.

In turn, this organization has created just a bit more opportunity for women especially in the areas of affordable health care coverage, college admissions, and opportunity to join and advance in various sports.

We have come a little way but we still have very far to go.

The following video focuses specifically on the advocate’s newest project exposing the unfair treatment of young African American girls throughout the US school system:

Take Action!! Join the fight to stop school pushout

You can start by joining National Women’s Law Center’s Email List to stay current on the issues that matter affecting women *especially African American* young girls and women.

*Side note* The statistical data below (inclusive of the women living specifically in PA) is provided courtesy of the Women’s Law Center’s official website: