“Pretty BIG Movement” demolishing stereotypes & inspiring a new generation of dancers

We all need a little inspiration and motivation to give us that extra push.
What (or who) got you back on track to following your dreams and ultimately reaching your goals?

If you’re still in need of an extra push this is for you:

Akria Armstrong was sick of looking at the mainstream media without seeing any representation of herself.

The lack of representation in media and the constant discrimination Akria received while pursuing her dreams as a dancer, prompted the founding of “Pretty Big Movement.”

Pretty Big Movement is a dance company based in New York City; offering dance workshops to full figured woman.

Plus sized women in the Tri-State area can learn dance routines in jazz, hip hop, and other various genres of music.

Miss Armstrong has since danced for some cool artist and celebrities.

She’s appeared in two of Beyoncé’s music videos and will soon collab on tour with Salt & Peppa.
Kudos to you all!!
I personally never liked the phrase “stay in your lane” for this exact reason.

You have to bust through a few lanes and create an entirely different freeway sometimes.

I love inspirational stories like this because it just demonstrates that you can do whatever you want and be happy.

If you fall into an uncomfortable situation, don’t bend to meet anyone else’s standards or sell out.

You can be yourself, succeed, and be happy simultaneously.


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