SOLANGE by Beyonce  

  (via Interview Magazine)

Five things we learned about Solange from her interview with Beyonce 

1. Master P Inspires Solange


Solange talks about inspiration with Beyonce in her new interview with Interview Magazine.

While discussing the inspiration behind creating her album  “A Seat at the Table” Solange mentions a few familiar names such as Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, and Minnie Rippleton.

It wasn’t until Beyonce asked Solange about the vocal samples used throughout her album that we found out Master P is her biggest inspiration.

Solange explains that growing up Master P reminded her of her father.

 Master P is an empowering figure in the community because of his loyalty and commitment to uplifting the community and investing in black people.

She talks about how he never lost sight of his goals, investments, and what he built.

Master P was a good example of someone who didn’t turn his back on his community when he got famous, and to her that represented empowerment.

“You and I were raised being told not to take the first thing that came our way, to build our own platforms, our own spaces, if they weren’t available to us. And I think that he is such a powerful example of that.” – Solange

2. Cranes In the Sky Was Written Eight Years Ago


Solange wrote Cranes in the Sky 8 years ago, and it is the only song written independently of “A Seat At The Table.”

Solo wrote this song when she was going through a break up from her junior high school sweetheart and child’s father.

She explains that she was trying to view herself for the first time (aside from being a mother and a wife) and she was in transition.

“And I think every woman in her twenties has been there—where it feels like no matter what you are doing to fight through the thing that is holding you back, nothing can fill that void.” – Solange

Solange wrote Cranes 8 years go in Miami, a peaceful place to record music she initially thought.

All of the construction she would see prompted this analogy and ultimately became the title of her hit song.

“I remember thinking of it as an analogy for my transition—this idea of building up, up, up that was going on in our country at the time, all of this excessive building, and not dealing with what was in front of us.” – Solange

She talks about her transition, using the analogy for the inspiration, and describes how cranes in the sky were constantly building upward and ignoring the work in plain sight.

3. “A Seat At The Table” Took Three Years to Create

Solange took her time, producing vocals, co producing tracks, working on visuals, and writing all of the lyrics for A Seat At The Table; ultimately creating a masterpiece.

While brainstorming various ideas, Solo was initially unsure about mixing business and pleasure when considering working with her husband Alan.

Out of fear of jeopardizing the solid relationship the two built, Solange was unsure about working together on her album.

With a little of encouragement from Beyonce, Solange finally decided that Alan would be the best person to help with the visual aspect of her album due to the great friendship, bond, and love they shared.

“I swear, you guys are going to be just fine and will probably make the best work that you have ever made because of the way that you love and respect one another and each other’s vision” – Beyonce

Husband and wife, Solange and Alan went on to shooting 21 scenes in one week.

This included climbing water falls, risky mountain tops, and traveling across country with very expensive camera equipment. That’s love.

Solo and her team traveled from New Orleans to New Mexico making at least ten stops along the way making sure the video production was relevant to her vocals.

4. Solange loves the Real Housewives of Atlanta



Solange loves watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“I love that show and think it’s so brilliant because it’s the woman that was represented in my childhood in Houston. It makes me feel so at home.”

She talks about how much it makes her laugh. “I watch it religiously, and I am in stitches the whole time.”

5. Nas is Solange’s hero (mine too)


“One of my proudest moments as a sister was when I was able to introduce you to your hero, Nas, and you cried and acted a fool. I was so surprised that Mrs. Too-cool-for-everything was acting a fool…”– Beyonce

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