Who is #MikexAngel? (Updated!!)

Some of the best musical talents come from Virginia.

Just like Trey Songz & Chris Brown, Mike Angel is littttt!!!

Mike Angel’s name explains it all just listen to the vocals.

Virginia’s very own is the hot new voice in the spotlight:

Paired with my fave (TREY) the two have created something special just in the nick of time (Anticipation III).

I think we all were going crazy with President Obama’s farewell speech and needed a quick distraction from focusing so much on the Presidential family leaving us.

Mike Angel and Trey are giving us a chance to divert our attention to some feel good music and be uplifted.

Anticipation III definitely gives me a great appreciate for both artists’ vocals, harmonies, and lyrics; it’s a fresh introduction to Mike Angel.

Here’s Mike Angel’s bonus track from Anticipation 3

11. Bonus-Anxious

Some of Mike’s previous music:

Throwback: No love in my city (2014) remix to Drakes “Draft Day

Most recent (One of my favorites) Come and see me remix (2017)

You can hear more of Mike Angel on Trey’s mixtape To whom it may concern

He’s featured on songs inclusive of: Never Enough, Everybody Say & Walls

When Mike gets on Instagram live it’s absolutely my favorite. He’s pretty interactive with his fans which is cool.

He’s always working hard in the studio, and we get a chance to see how the process of creating art really works.

You can follow him on Twitter & catch him live on Instagram

I’m so excited for his future projects.


Stay tuned yall.

(Update) “N2S”

Nothing 2 Something is on the way. Take a peek at the track list below:


More from Mike Angel:

Apple Music-itunes


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