I think all 90s babies are just obsessed with their era and rightfully so; it was lit.

Even if we were just babies at the time, our attitude that it was a perfect era is just embedded in us.

The greatness of our era is evident in all of the things that we miss; one of them being television sitcoms.

They were funny, family oriented, taught lessons, showed the variety in African Americans and overall displayed us in a positive light (compared to some of the tv shows aired today).

Did I mention the theme songs went so hard?

Here are some of the shows, they’ll remain untouchable:

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air


Sister Sister

The Wayans Brothers

Family Matters

Living Single

Recently Queen Latifah talked about possibly rebooting the television series Living Single.

I hope they don’t mess this up! I wonder who they will cast and what characters will stay the same? what will the new introductions to the new characters be like?

What do you guys think?