2017: Year of the savage. Here are 6 selfish things to do this year.

I got things to do in 2017, and you better believe I am going to do them savagely.

I’m savagely going to achieve my goals this year and you will too.

Here are six things you can do this year to self-improve.

I feel like sometimes nobody gets it and at this point I’m just done doing things the same way if you want different results you have to switch up your methods.

1. Consider Entrepreneurship

It’s time to find your passion and pursue it. Find what you like to do, find what you’re good at, and get paid for it in 2017.

You can only do your job 100 percent if you give a damn.

People who pursue their passion and work in the fields they choose just seem happier and perform better.

I understand that not many people can pursue their passion due to lack of opportunity, not enough resources, lack of money, etc. and that’s understandable, but effort and inquiry go a long way.

Networking is extremely beneficial and can sometimes get you further than a dollar bill.

Learn how to talk to people, and by this, I don’t mean act fake, or totally outside of your character.

You can be yourself and adapt a business savvy, mannerly, and respectful composition.

Learn what questions to ask and seek what is available to help you get started in whatever it is you want to do.

Most recently I read the story about Asia Newson, a 13-year-old entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan.

According to an article in Forbes, she began her business, selling candles, when she was only five years old.

Last year in 2016, she made over $60,000. If she was determined at five years old to get started and can be a successful entrepreneur in her own business at 13 years old so can you.

2. Request a raise/ Get that promotion

It may be time for you to speak up and ask for a salary increase.

Know your worth and don’t allow your employer to use you without proper compensation.

Sometimes we are so desperate for a job or so thankful for the current position we’re in that we neglect to realize we are taken advantage of.

Your employer should compensate their employees for hard work, especially if you are consistently exceeding expectations, taking the initiative to do more in your position, and (or) adopted a leadership role.

Know your job, and it’s description; doing work outside of what is expected, that’s great work ethic.

Suggest a higher paying position to the appropriate personnel. Discuss compensation and challenges. If the opportunity is unavailable, look for an opportunity to grow elsewhere.

3. Say No!

No more going along to get along.

If the joke isn’t funny, don’t laugh.

If you don’t feel like going out don’t go.

Don’t do things only to please other people.

Do the things that you want to do.

Say no if you want.

No you can’t borrow anything, no you cant waste my time, no you can’t have me for free.

4. Read More

Knowledge is power and it’s something no one can take away from you.

Noir Reads provides various literature from Black Authors to provide an in-depth understanding of culture and the overall Black experience.

It is an online book subscription service delivering new books from Black Authors each month subscribe here.

“With Noir Reads, we aim to help people discover voices of African descent actively exploring the Black experience through fiction and non fiction,” said the creators. “It can be hard to find diverse Black literature and a community to engage around it – we hope Noir Reads can make it easier.”

*I’m currently reading: Angela Davis’ Women, Culture & Politics *

5. Take Better Care of Your Overall Health

Self-improvement is essential and this is inclusive of your health.

Take some vitamins: Women’s Ultra Mega is really good for skin and hair improvements.

Be selfish and treat yo self to that manicure and pedicure. Men you guys too!

Research products before you but them. If you’re like me, you may need an introduction into some new products.

Look into different subscription services to try new products if you are unsure about what works well for your hair, skin, nails, body, etc. look stuff up!!

Try subscribing to the Onyx Box for new surprises each month.

The Onyx Box subscription offers women of color a chance to celebrate their beauty each month with useful new samples.

Also you can check out and subscribe to tyriqharris.com for skin care tips & advice and other special deals.

6. Learn something new/Get some hobbies

Shock and awe- do something out of your comfort zone.

Do something courageous or risky.

If you’re local to Philadelphia, you can always look up the Mt. Airy Learning Tree to see what new classes are available.Capture.PNGThey have tons of classes in various areas and it can be found here: Mt. Airy Learning Tree


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