I was on a mission

It came to fruition

Seems like im enjoying the lie

I try to stay silent

But I still hear me laughing

Goddamn I wish I was high

Mingling and mixing

Stay 3 deep but it’s plus some

We grown now, so no more “who she?” or “where the hell she come from?”

You were there before I closed my eyes but somehow I enjoy you more in my dreams

I know what “they” mean when “they” say ‘everything aint as it seems’

I  swear some shit i cant make up

It’s from the Hart but it aint a joke

No sing songy

Devil dicky

Delicate nigga claiming he’s woke

I dont want you

I dont care

I’ll be called mean before I’ll lie

You’re not as down as you claimed to be

We gon just let that shit die