The immediacy in receiving information has created an impatient, ignorant, society.

There has been a complete transition from the way information has been communicated and shared in the past and now.

Compared to the past, our society does not have to create our imagery or rely heavily on professionals to deliver information due to a massive presence of social media.

We, as a society, have formed bad habits in believing anything we read or see on social media without doing the research.

Don’t be lazy this year, research everything you come across before just believing it and read the fine print!

Be a go-getter for information, facts, history, and the truth.

Don’t know where to start?

Access the Umbra Search database to read up on African American history.

We are on the brink of Black History month, and it’s time to read outside the norm.

Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King deserve endless recognition however, we have so many hidden leaders and great figures in our history we need to learn about to move forward.

Just on the homepage, you can search through hundreds of thousands of pieces of African American history and culture; inclusive of Africa American inventions, firsts, and videos.

Make it a priority this year to learn more about yourself through history with over 400,000 digitized materials from more than 1000 archives, libraries, and museums in the U.S.

Umbra Search