“I’m no political genius but I am an American…”

In an interview with the Breakfast Club, Chrisette Michele finally opens up about accepting the invitation to perform for Trump at the Inauguration and the backlash she’s received since.

Chrisette did not hesitate at all when the offer came her way, however she makes it very clear that it wasn’t for the money.

(which we may never know the true amount).

“I’m definitely not hungry…” She didn’t reveal the amount she was paid but she says it wasn’t for free (like in the past when she chose to perform for Barack & Michele Obama).

She references Maya Angelou and a few of the greats when explaining presence is necessary to start and continue the conversations; someone has to be the voice.

Watch her performance singing alongside Travis Greene to his new gospel single “Intentional.”

Chrisette goes on to talk about how she didn’t expect the negative reaction from her peers (i.e., Spike Lee) and fans. “I would much more like to have a conversation than a tweet.”

Chrisette expresses how she went to the Inauguration with purpose and is surprised that more people aren’t open and willing to understand her view. Her intent was to be a voice and try to bridge the gap.”I needed them to see us.”

Her Basquiat-Inspired Fashion skirt was mentioned a few times during her interview. She told us to look him up, and so I did!

Here’s Chrisette wearing it at the Inauguration:

Here’s a better look at the detail:

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Chrisette Michele acknowledges that she didn’t actually get the chance to meet Trump and noticed that he arrived after her performance.