Trump’s Agenda: 11 proposals you need to keep up with

Shortly after being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, Trump began checking items off his agenda by implementing the promises discussed throughout his campaign.

His agenda is inclusive of:

1. Repeal/Replacing the Affordable Care Act

An order that Trump signed may have limited effect. Republicans need votes from Democrats in the Senate to make this into law.

2. Building a wall and getting Mexico to pay for it

Trump ordered the construction of a wall. However, new legislation will have to pay for it. (Good luck)

3. Imposing import taxes

Trump proposes a 20 percent tax on all imports (including Mexican imports, where we receive a lot of our produce) to pay for the wall

4. Suspending immigration from supposedly”‘terror-prone regions’”

Trump blocked Syrian refugees, issuing a 90-day ban from seven predominantly Muslim countries as he links these areas to terrorism. A federal judge tried to blocked part of the order…

5. Approving Keystone XL pipeline projects

Trump (despite efforts by the Obama administration to find alternatives) reinstated the Keystone XL pipeline and expedited the Dakota pipeline projects. These projects are awaiting State Department approval.

6. Abandoning Trans-Pacific Partnerships

Trump basically abandoned the 12-nation trade agreements; signaling the end to deals defining global economics.

7. Banning foreign aid supporting abortion counseling

Trump stopped funding groups in underdeveloped countries who offer abortion as a family-planning option.

8. Nominating a new Supreme Court justice

Trump said he would announce nominees some time next week.

10. Cutting taxes

Trump is rallying support for tax cuts, relying upon/uniting members of the Republican Party.

11. Investing in American infrastructure

Trump wants to spend nearly a trillion dollars to rebuild declining communities (building, roads, etc.) with opposition from Republicans and some enthusiasm from the Democrat party.


The NY Times is providing a step by step tracking system for his agenda.

Contrary to popular belief there is a system of implementing laws.

The step by step system in sequence: an executive order, proposed plan, House approval, Senate approval, then signed into law.


Source: Track Trump’s Agenda, Step by Step Here






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