“Don’t Tell Me To Smile”

That thought has probably gone through the heads of every Black girl at some point, and it happens to be just one of the many sayings found on some of the apparel at @buynoir .

@buynoir’s apparel is definitely a brand to keep your eye on in the future.

Buy Noir ‘s merchandise is branded with unapologetic rhetoric that can be worn proudly and is greatly appreciated by the African American community (especially during Black History Month).

“We decided to start making apparel because we want people to look good, feel comfortable, and be unapologetic.” @buynoir .

Here are a two of my favorites:


“But our goal at Buy Noir is not only to help people find their Voice and be unapologetic as they stand in their truth but to provide a resource to uplift other black small businesses and free step by step guides to launch their own.” — Buy Noir