“Wife Woman Friend” (a poem by Dana Gilmore)

Throwback Def Poetry Jam: Dana Gilmore

 Wife Woman Friend: Poem by Dana Gilmore

i’m tired of peeking out my window and seeing shadows of you

i can’t roll out with my girls without checking my rearview

your callin’, breathin’ all hard on my phone like i can’t hear you

and every time i hit the club you just happen to be there too

all i wanted was to see us through

but when i needed you 

i had to compete with clubs, drugs, the streets and PS2

out chasin’ women with your weak ass crew

i guess when you’re in Rome you do what the Romans do 

but, they go home alone – just like you

wishing they would’ve held on – just like you

probably callin, playin on phones – just like you

i’m so through dealing with niggas – just like you

and i’ve had a few niggas – just like you

had the ballin type, who call all night and keep claimin he’s coming through

had the CEO, who would bring me dough cause he always had something to prove

had the so-called god-man, that think he can do everything God can 

so he closer to God than the church man,

had the meet me at the poetry spot down to earth man

had the man from the club who was only good for a fuck

had the street man who kept claiming he was down on his luck 

had the playa with no goals, no heart, just game

had the 24 in the studio on his way to fame

had the control freak who thought he could keep me on a chain

had a man that lied so much i don’t even know his real name

but fuck it cuz at the end of the night they all made me feel the same

i had a million things to lose and not a damn thing to gain 

i guess DMX said it best, you gotta let a dog roam

but many nights you never found your way home

you left me to fight this war alone

i sacrificed my own blood and sweat

yet, you wanna collect benefits like you was the Vet

poppin off at the mouth sayin shit Ja-Rule would’ve said

like “love is pain” and “pain is love”

i tell you i need you and i watch your shoulders shrug

i tell you i’m leavin and you call my bluff 

i tell you many men want me 

you say ‘they can have you then’

so when you beg me to come back i tell you ‘i gotta man’

not just a lover, but a friend

the closest person to me, so i call him my next of kin

and i know you think you own this

but guess what, he put it in 

and represented for all men

even those that act like boys but we still call men

and he goes all out for me so when he needs me i’m all in 

cause we went from walkin to runnin in spaces we used to crawl in

you think you gone fall in feedin me bullshit sprinkled with game on it 

but, when he hit it he wrote his name on it

i was committed when he put his brain on it 

he and i will parade the streets and i’ll be damned if you rain on it

you say it ain’t over yet

i’m not concerned with your threats

you can come here filled with hot air

but you’ll leave tryin to catch your breath

i told you I was close to empty

but you wouldn’t believe til there was nothing left

to busy pokin out your chest

what kind of man chooses the streets over hot meals and good sex

look, i know you have regrets

i’m not going to throw it in your face – hell, i wish you the best

but him for you is like more for less

i just can’t do it

you had your chance but you blew it

deep inside i think you knew it was killing me

but, silly me

i couldn’t see the forest for the trees and 

i didn’t know i was cut so deep until i began to bleed

i guess they left out all the snakes in the story of birds and bees

so you can cry me a river

nigga, cry me a sea

but, that’s the last time i’ll love a nigga

that, ain’t got love for me.


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