When you put on for your city: it’s Lee Mazin!

Philadelphia’s own Hip Hop/ Rap artist Lee Mazin & friends are hosting a Philadelphia high school tour.
This exclusive high school tour gives an opportunity for young people to socially engage with one another through music and the overall opportunity to just have fun in a positive way.



It’s always a good look to see people who are from the community make it to a higher status and give back. In this instance, it’s beneficial to young people.



One time for the culture.


This tour kicked off in April and will continue on this month. So far some schools that have been visited include Mastbaum, Dobbins &Randolph. Ten more high schools being added this month.



If you want Lee Mazin at your school head to her Instagram page and let her know.



Catch a few clips from the high school tour below:


Twitter: @leemazin




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