While we want to celebrate Philly Firsts, giving young people something to look forward to, the joy is being snatched away bit by bit.

It seems like something is always happening to our firsts (specifically in Philly).

If you want to look at New York, the state court of appeals head Sheila Salaam was found dead floating and the trend seems to be death by suicide.

Here’s more strange cases:
Yolanda Stallings The irony of our first black fire department chief being investigated for arson. The actual charges include insurance fraud but CBS 3 Philly reported that she allegedly torched her own car to collect almost $19000 in insurance money. Is it a common trend that a lot of Philly first end up caught in some sort of fraud case. 

Meanwhile, Our first black female firefighter, Joyce Craig, was killed in the line of duty a few years ago .

Our first black DA, Seth Williams was accused of accepting bribes and misusing government money. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

Do you think it’s appropriate to call this a conspiracy?

What’s Happening to Philly Firsts?

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