Tired of being let down by [some of] social media’s content? Were you recently exposed to a gruesome murder or a random subway fight on Facebook? Feeling like your President is letting you down? Is that annoying co worker subtweeting you again??

Well, here’s an inspirational boost:  Gucci Mane has been on a motivational kick lately, I don’t know if this is just the promo for his upcoming autobiography, but I’m 100 percent here for the positive vibes he’s been giving all summer ’17.

Here’s some #TRAPspiration for you:

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Everyone can benefit from creating a positive mindset and speaking positivity into existence…


And he keeps it coming…

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My personal favorite #GUWOP :


Not that you need another reason to stare at your phone all day, but since you’re going to anyway, it might as well uplift you.

No need to look too hard for inspiration, get your daily dose of trap-spiration here: @gucci1017

Keep an eye out for Gucci Autobiography set to release this upcoming fall:


Pre-order it here.