New Docu-Series: Shades


“The DMV means the realest.”- Shades

Shades (the DMV) is an unscripted series focusing on the lives of young African American men and women residing in the District of Columbia.

A group of DC natives will document their experiences in expressing culture, overcoming racial opposition, discovering their heritage and their involvement in real events in their community.

The creators of Shades-the-DMV (Love Nafi & Nadia Marie Sasso) have a mission of changing our generation’s (millennials’) perception of our community and the world as a whole.


Watch the official trailer:

“The docu-series is focused on Afro- millennial’s starting a creative collective and delving into concepts of culture, race, and heritage while living in the DC metropolitan area. Think Black Ink Crew meets MTV Diary- with a contemporary afro aesthetic – and without the extra added superficiality of the current reality TV medium. Cast members include key players in afro- influenced pop culture- models, athletes, media moguls, and musicians.” Source

Read more about the creation of Shades, meet the cast members, and subscribe to the mailing list for a chance to win exclusive prizes (& immediate updates about casting and production) here.

The cast of Shades are currently asking for support and/or donations in anticipation of their launch.

Keep an eye of for @shadesthedmv as it is set to launch this fall.

Learn more about creating and pitching your unscripted docu-series for reality television here.


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