Epocal-ispe: A Series Of Unfortunate Solar Events


Half of the world, including President Trump, wakes up legally blind the day after the rare solar eclipse which occurred on 8/21/17.

Only a small percentage of North America has their sight because they heeded the warnings not to look directly into the sun and/or bought special eclipse glasses.

8/22/17 marks the most devastating day in US history. It’s a day of unrest filled with chaos, melee, and unspeakable crime. A true apocalypse or epocal-ispe.

The world has come to a complete standstill until one neuroscientists’ creation is put on the forefront, creating a bit of hope. Then she and all her work mysteriously disappear.

Part. 1

8/22/17-Breaking News

Mystik Black: “This is Mystik Black, filling in for John Singleton, reporting to you live this morning, with breaking news from Washington DC. Following the rare solar eclipse just yesterday, our nation’s leader and chief President Trump, along 75 percent of American citizens, are left with little to no vision.

Despite researcher’s warnings, many individuals gathered to witness the solar eclipse by staring directly into the sun’s harsh rays causing extreme, un-repairable retina damage. Reports are streaming in that the number of individuals affected is still growing. Compared to the solar eclipse in 1979, this rare solar eclipse lasted longer and has proven to be strongest this nation has ever seen. We’re going to cut to a brief commercial break but stay tuned because next, we’ll hear from 619 news correspondent Monica Smith with an exclusive interview from one of the only survivors from a small town in Oklahoma and an exclusive from a first responder here in D.C.

The Interview(s)

Oklahoma survivor: “All I could hear was screaming. In my town, you don’t hear much of anything because acres separate the people who hate each other here. Can I admit something to you? I don’t think it’s no surprise that this happened, you know? You have people who take things more seriously than others.

Monica Smith: “Well what do you mean could you elaborate for us? Also where are your family members right now and in what ways have they been affected?”

Survivor: “My father is fine he hasn’t left his emergency bunker since 2012. But I want to tell you how just before the eclipse, I was at Walmart and this butch lady, pushed down a little girl to get to her eclipse glasses. When I confronted her, I was made to be the bad guy and of course she, the victim. That’s the world we live in you know? I must be homophobic or sexist or a misogynist. Not just a guy was looking out for a young child…anyway; it pissed me off.”

Monica Smith: “What pissed you off? The woman’s actions or the way you felt judge for intervening the situation?”

Oklahoma survivor: “This woman made me so angry you could see that she had no remorse. When I looked her in her eyes, I saw that she had no consideration for the child or anyone else. That’s why when I heard the screams coming from her place the next day I didn’t hesitate to go get whats mine.”

Monica Smith: “Wait, could you elaborate? Did you go and help the woman? What do you mean by “get what’s mine”?”

Oklahoma survivor: “I ran to help but once I realized it was her, on the front porch dropped to her knees I looked at this situation as gain, not a terrible thing that has happened to people, but the consequences of living an evil life. What a fucking coincidence that this woman was now pushed down and helpless. I mean there is a God, and he’s come to punish those who are evil, and he’s using us to help him. I ran to her house and took everything she had. I heard the screaming and what a sweet sound it was. This is biblical the bible says the first shall be last one day you know?”

Mystik Black: “We need to end this interview, Monica!! NOW!”

Omri Ryan: “Where the hell did you guys find him? Literally this guy has to be the first person Monica saw on the street! Tell her to cut to a commercial break. This was the worst interview in 619 news history.”

Mystik Black: “Monica hurry up and cut to a break please.”

Monica Smith: “Thank you so much for sharing your story. Live from Oklahoma, I’m Monica Smith with channel 619 news.”

The little girl

The little girl: (Screaming) “Mom where are you I can’t see!!”

(Mom rushes into the bathroom to find her daughter laying down to the tub while the shower water rains down on her)

“I’m drowning” (the little girl screams)

(With tears in her eyes, Mom grabs a towel and lifts the little girl up out of the tub) “it’s ok mymy.”


Omri Ryan: “Mystik come look at this. Social media is insane. Look at black Twitter. I’m scrolling through so many accounts and videos people are posting… the craziness all over the world…it doesn’t seem real. Look it’s like we’re living in the Walking Dead…just search the hashtag #WeNotBlindTho.”

Mystik Black: (Reading out loud) “Twitter user @sailormoon_22 posted “today we should all celebrate the anniversary of the Nat Turner rebellion. #WeNotBlindTho.” Woww.

Omri Ryan: “Ok, enough of this crap. We need you back on in five. Talk about how the inner cities are doing then switch it over to Nick for the next interview unless we hear otherwise from the Whitehouse.”

Mystik Black: “Chaos has filled many suburban cities as many found this an opportunity to raid, steal, kill, etc. Many people have compared today to the “purge” others are celebrating on social media with the hashtag #WeNotBlindTho.

Poor neighborhoods within many cities, especially on the East coast, are struggling as most emergency responders in and near the DC area are tending to the politicians on Capital Hill and the Whitehouse. We are still waiting for an official statement from the Whitehouse in the meantime we’re going to check in with 619 news correspondent Nick McMillion who’s sitting down for an exclusive with a couple of the emergency responders.”

Nick McMillion: “This is Nick McMillion reporting to you live from Washington D.C. with Presidential aid Mark Matters. He was the first to aid President Trump and can give us some insight on what to expect from the President as he prepares to address the nation.”

Mark Matters: “For viewers unable to see this but can hear my voice rest assure; the President, along with many others has suffered severe retina damage cause by yesterday’s events but there is hope. I hear the President is preparing to discuss an action plan set in place to aid Americans and will introduce some impressive doctors and scientists momentarily.”

Nick McMillion:”Thanks, alot Mark. It looks like the press conference is about to begin. Thanks again for your time, back over to you Mystik.”

Monica Smith: “We need more lighting over here…where is Oliver?”

Nick McMillion: “Monica, Olivier is on vacation remember?” “Omri, I think Monica burned some of her brain cells during the eclipse or maybe its something to do with her headset.”

Monica Smith: “I heard that. Who’s idea was it to stay connected through this shit? It is starting to give me a headache. I’m off this.”

Omri: “Over and out.”

Attorney General: Ms.Smith?

Monica: “Hello, Mr. Attorney General…”

Attorney General: “Can I speak to you for a moment?”

Monica: “Frank not here…”

Frank: “You look so beautiful….you came to Oklahoma and didn’t tell me? Are you still hiding from me or something?”

Monica: “Well I’m overjoyed you still have your sight, but I’m working. No. I’m not hiding. I’m under so much stress. My mom hasn’t been answering my calls, and I’m freaking out because of course, I can’t just fly to AZ right now.”

Frank: “Why can’t you go, babe? Family is important.”

Monica: “It’s not that simple; the nation is chaotic someone has to cover this shit….someone has to be the voice.”

Frank: “I can get you on a PJ…”

Mystik: “Uh..did anyone just catch that?”

Everyone with a headset: “Yeah”

The Doctor

Mystik Black: “Welcome back this is Mystik Black with channel 619 news, for all of you just tuning in, the President is now being assisted onstage by world renown Dr. Bempah. Dr. Bempah has been known for extensive, complex eye surgeries and specializes in ocular medicine. Just a quick background, Dr. Bempah graduated from UPenn in 2012 with a Ph.D. In Physics and Ocular medicine. She has an extensive track record which includes successful ocular reconstructive surgery and has made a significant contribution in the advancements of ocular prosthetic which led to the creation of the first successful hologram prosthetic eye transplant dubbed the “foreseeing eye.” Dr. Bempah specializes in optic nerve replacement and has won the Kavli Prize in 2014 for her research in neurodegeneration.”

(One day earlier)

Marty: “Babe, I don’t want you anywhere near D.C. let alone working one on one with that devil I understand the opportunity but please don’t be selfish. Think about your family.”

Maya: “Selfish? Am I selfish for helping and healing people Marty? It’s my job, and I thought you more than anyone would understand. Being a doctor is more than a passion or a hobby…you do know that right?”

Marty: “Listen, I know you’ve created something that will change this very world as we know it-”

Maya: “I am going to help millions of people. I must heal those in need. I feel like you’re trying to stop me…and I’m selfish?

Marty: “You’re doing this for fame.”

Maya: “I already have that. You’re more than selfish right now. You’re afraid. Yeah, I think that’s it. Worried that I’ll leave you behind like I should’ve done years ago…