“I’m not here to entertain the negative vibrational infiltrators of peace.” -Maya Bempah

Ever wonder if anyone is really listening to what you have to say?

No, I don’t mean hearing you talk, but really listening. I can picture my words literally falling on deaf ears. Little harmonies and vibrations traveling into the right ear of an individual and out of the left ear; as if there’s only empty space in between.

Ever wonder if someone is interested in what you have to say?

It isn’t that hard to tell, not rocket science at all. In fact, you can look at someone and tell if they’d drifted off into their own oblivion living in their other dimension or whether they’re focused on you. I don’t mean looking into their eyes but paying attention to their body language.

I’m encouraging minimal venting for the remainder of this year. After all, verbally demonstrating anger and frustration without a plan for change is just dead.

I’m not here to entertain the negative vibrational infiltrators of peace (especially not at work).

The more I complain the more I’m feeding the beast. Right?

Stay clear of the “come and vent to me anytime, I’m always here for you” type of people.

Some people just feed off that. Those are the beasts.

And in return all I ask is the same.

I’m demanding respect.

You’re going to respect me enough to not burden me with all of your gripes and troubles without any solution.

I’m too motivated to dwell on my own pity or anyone else’s.