Why “Minding My Business” May Not Be The Best Resolution For 2018…


You know, we’re only twelve days into this new year, and I think I need to retract a couple of statements and revise a few of my New Year’s resolutions.

Can a person be pro black while simultaneously minding their business? I’m asking for myself.

I double tapped at least ten memes on Instagram that declared “I’m going to drink more water and mind my business all 2018” (and many others like it). I had it all figured out up until today.

I thought “in 2018, I’ll mind my own business” believing that if things that had nothing to do with me directly wouldn’t affect me; I was going to be more silent and honestly, the anticipation of it felt good.

I figured this would be my selfish year for sure and I would only work on me, the business(s) I want to launch, network and travel more, I wanted to focus solely on myself. I said I didn’t want to absorb anyone’s drama or entirely engage in anything that just didn’t have anything to do with me. While I’m staying true to the whole “not absorbing everyone’s drama” part, I still feel like I have it all wrong.

How can I support my family and friends, work toward my goals, and become better overall by being Kermit the frog; sipping my tea and minding my business? I care so much about my people, the world at large, and I’m passionate about wanting to see my people win; this year,  I only wish the very best for my family and friends. I don’t want to be a hypocrite by saying how much I love my people while my actions prove otherwise.

No doubt I’m going to be more selfish this year and continue to work to maintain a healthy mind, body, and soul, however, were living in an era where speaking up and speaking out is most imperative.

In 2018, more than ever, we should bond closer together, love harder, and be attentive to what’s happening around us. We need to be more empathetic and sympathetic; we need to lose this “I don’t care” attitude.

If you choose to stand by idly why mistakes are happening, there’s injustice, whatever the case and declare “well I’ll just mind my business”, you may be a part of the problem.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying you should go on intentionally meddling in other people’s business by any means or go looking for drama…I’m just asking how can a person be pro black, on a mission to save the youth, and at the same time suggest that what happens to others won’t or can’t affect them?

Even MLK said, “the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy” that is most true this year than any other year. “Minding my business all 2k18” just won’t work.

Not minding your own business, speaking up, and bonding together is what set the #MeToo movement in motion. What I’ve learned so far from that movement is that this is going to be the year to break that cycle; people have minded their business for too long.

If you are not using your voice this year with all that’s happening you may be apart of the problem in the world you.

New Resolution: “I’m calling people on their shit all 2018.”