1. Describe yourself only using three words or expressions.

Creative, Passionate, and Provider

2. What do you like most about yourself? What are your best qualities?

3. Over the past five years, what is the most important thing you’ve learned about yourself? What happened and what made it a significant moment?

(see video responses below)

4. Are you comfortable with being yourself on a consistent basis or do you possess many faces?
I’m very comfortable with being myself. I’m usually really silly and can laugh all day about any and everything. But of course you may have to change faces in reference to professionalism, but I’m just more reserved in a professional or educational setting.

5. How would you survive living in a world if every other woman were just like you? What would that world look like? Would you survive in that world?

I don’t think I would want to survive in a world if every other woman were just like me. How would I be special? My personality and character is what defines me…that’s what sets me apart. I learn a lot from other women because of their differences, gifts, and temperaments. If most women were JUST like me, that would be a lot of emotions bubbling around the community. LOL! I am very passionate, and I can be too empathetic causing me to take on other people’s problems and worries, which usually leaves me to be anxious or emotionally drained. I’ll be crying one minute, and then turn around and be mad at myself for being too emotional, and then end up laughing at myself. Too many me’s may drive the others crazy. LOL!

6. Rename your favorite song, book, or movie using your name and the thing you like most about yourself.

My favorite song at the moment is Cycles by Jonathan McReynolds…so I would have to add my name to it and rename it using a verse and call it, “Wendy’s not going in Cycles”. Why I can relate to this song is because it talks about overcoming unhealthy cycles. How the devil used my patterns to keep me distracted and in unhealthy situations. But because I switched my focus on God, I begin to overcome bad thinking and refrain from making decisions that would hinder me. I love that I was able to come out of a dark place of depression and feeling bad about myself, to praying and becoming confident in who I am and looking to God to feel the voids that I once desired man to fill.

7. What does love mean to you? Has your definition of love changed over time (from being a young girl to a woman) if so, how?   

Love interview Question

8. Do you know how to love? If yes, HOW do you love and WHO do you love?

I don’t want to say that I don’t know how to love, but I’m learning how to love. Love is bigger than just having strong feelings for someone, there is a genuine care and concern that also focuses on things like patience and perseverance. I love my mother, and I love my children. I know that I would not let harm come to them and that I want the best for them…but I can do a better job at loving them. I can only provide them with the love that I am capable of giving. So I pray that my love increases and my understanding of it increased so that they won’t ever have to question my love for them.

9. If I asked the closest person to you if you are capable of loving others what would they say?

They would say yes. I love hard…and sometimes it’s difficult for me to have a filter on who to love because I’m such a passionate person. I go hard for those I care about. My sister and I joke about being amazon’s because we are so tall…but I do view myself as a warrior. And my friends and family are people that I find myself being protective of. I sometimes find myself in situations going that extra mile for those who wouldn’t do the same for me. And although my feelings may get hurt…I can’t change that about myself…I won’t change that about myself.

That’s what makes me Wendy.