How would you survive living in a world if every other person were just like you?

(Every Woman, I Am)

If every woman were just like me

They’d be no more talks of birds and bees

Just full blown honesty

They’ll be cures for disease

Everyone would be at ease

Seeing as Maya would come in threes, and fours and fives

Every woman would have my eyes, and my thighs

Every morning would be a surprise

No one would have to cut ties when they realize, their woman isn’t right for them

Because as soon as they lose one, another Maya would be right around the corner for them

No more “plenty of fish in the sea”

Nope, just me

A gentle loving soul, smart as can be

If I ruled the world like Nas thought he’d

I’d definitely survive, well, we’d

If only Maya’s were around to see…