“I need to do better” is an everyday mantra. I always laugh and follow up with a casual “I’m not shit” when I’m talking with my friends or thinking a risky thought.

I realize I’m flawed and still have a lot of “growing up” to do. Yeah, I said it. But why do I find it so easy to list the things I don’t like about myself than the things I really love about myself? I had to think, do I even like myself?

Something has to give.

I’m realizing my mind believes what my mouth tells it, so I needed to speak more kindly. The brain is powerful, and I’m learning that the things I say, come to be.

When people talk about “knowing your worth” what does that really mean and is “knowing” enough? I think I know my worth but to believe it and put it into action is a process. The road the self-love begins with self-awareness but is often blocked by the notion that “knowing your worth” is enough.

I started keeping a journal where I would write something I liked about my self every day. I’m ashamed to say that my book isn’t filled up as it should be. I’m a procrastinator; I even procrastinated hyping myself up.

I realized the more I thought I knew about myself and the good qualities I possessed, I realized I didn’t know anything at all.

This prompted my current project:

“I Like Me” (a campaign for promoting self-love and self-awareness).

I want to document the personal growth of as many people as I can; sparking a conversation around “knowing your worth” while shining a light on how vital self- awareness, and love is.

This project is not an attempt to define a person but to celebrate diversity. People are all different and on different paths to knowing “self.”

The journey to self-love is tough, yet necessary and I’m here not to show people “living their best lives” but to shout out those “learning to love their true selves.”

“I Like Me” learning who you are, how to love yourself so you can too love others (properly).

After all, if we don’t know ourselves or love ourselves how we can give love to others?

I’m asking for something that isn’t easy. I need for people to bare their true feelings for themselves. To honestly, shout themselves out in a positive light, put themselves on blast.

If you want to join the #ILIKEME campaign review the following:

1. Describe yourself only using three words or expressions.
2. What do you like most about yourself? What are your best qualities?
3. Over the past five years, what is the most important thing you’ve learned about yourself? What happened and what made it a significant moment?
4. Are you comfortable with being yourself on a consistent basis or do you possess many faces?
5. How would you survive living in a world if every other person were just like you? What would that world look like? Would you survive in that world?
6. Rename your favorite song, book, or movie using your name and the thing you like most about yourself.
7. What does love mean to you? Has your definition of love changed over time (from being a young girl to a woman) if so, how?
8. Do you know how to love? If yes, HOW do you love and WHO do you love?
9. If I asked the closest person to you if you are capable of loving others what would they say?

I am requesting creative input through several modes of communication including video, audio, and written content that will be posted here on YOUNG LOUD PROUD. A short video, written response, or a recorded phone conversation answering a series of questions is ideal (a combination of submissions is encouraged).

Of course, there are no right or wrong answers I only ask that you answer honestly (I am not expecting each response to be so bright and sunny as long as it’s truthful!).

Join me in this campaign!

Email your thoughts/answers: proudloudyoung@gmail.com

I would like to finish up this project and post it on my blog June 1, 2018, so I would appreciate it if we can have the content submitted within the next couple of weeks but no later than Saturday, May 28, 2018.

I look forward to receiving all of your submissions and incorporating them into YOUNGLOUDPROUD’s campaign/final project!

Stay tuned for bits and pieces of my own “I Like Me” posts to use as a reference.