Rename your favorite song, book, or movie using your name and the thing you like most about yourself.

One of my favorite movies is the Wizard of Oz which could easily be renamed the Maya of Ambition.

It’ll be about a girl who is trying to find her purpose in the land of Ambition while following a yellow brick road that appears pink through rose-colored glasses.

She’ll come across men without brains, courage, or heart and she’ll take them onto her soul-searching journey for self.

She’ll encounter witches both good and evil, but they’ll be called friends.

The land of Ambition, filled with quests for self-love and awareness.

Toto will be my peace and my conscience, and someone will always try to harm it or steal it away.

There will always be fighting against negative stereotypes, and negative thoughts called munchkins.

I like the Wizard of Oz because every time I watch it, I get something new from it (I can watch it five times in a row and find five things I overlooked or make sense of more).

I like how this movie is, within itself, hyperbolic and metaphoric; it’s also silly and full of singing and songs (just like me).