Nicki Minaj’s Barbie Tingz & Chun-Li 

How assuming made an ass out of you and me, then came an interview, and then Barbie Tingz & Chun-Li:

After watching this interview with Nicki Minaj and Zane Lowe, I’m bopping to the two new Nicki hits “Chun-Li” & “Barbie Tingz” even harder.

Nicki talks about so much! Some great highlights include the writing and production of the two new songs, what REALLY happened with Cardi B and the whole Motorsport drama, and we even got to hear her speak to Wayne a bit (a great surprise for me because I love Weezy #FREEC5).

It’s easy to form an opinion without having the story straight and with the help of social media Nicki was definitely painted as the “bad guy” right? Honestly how many of you thought Nicki was being the stereotypical “mean girl” (Insert rolling eye emoji) without even hearing both sides of the story?

I got so lost in all the Cardi excitement and mayhem and ultimately sided with the little bit of tea I got. It’s crazy how fast you can take a tiny bit of information and form an entirely wrong perception of someone.

Honestly, I thought “why can’t she just let Cardi live?” and “why she wait until Cardi dropped her album to come back to Instagram, release her singles?” etc. I was thinking “yikes why all this shade?”

It made me feel like she was purposely holding off until Cardi dropped something to steal her shine. I also THOUGHT Nicki was a super big meanie for all of the motorsport drama.

I thought she didn’t want to film, was trying to shade her and everything. Ha! It turns out Quavo and Cardi had more to do with the “misunderstanding” than they previously lead on.

Then, I heard the original verse and was just confused:

Personally, I loved it, and I don’t know why they wanted her to change it.

“If Cardi the QB, I’m Nick Lombardi.” Facts or nah?

Then, seeing Nicki get emotional during a part of this interview got me emotional when she was talking about “being made the bad guy” after Cardi did an interview. I feel you girl. She’s NICKI you know how many artists would’ve killed for a Nicki feature? Seriously.

SORRY MS. NICKI MINAJ and THANK YOU  for the interview with Zane Lowe. Not that you owed us anything, but it really helped to put things into (a better, more correct) perspective.

Personally, I’m rooting so hard for Cardi you would think I know her personally and I totally love Nicki because….well..shes NICKI MINAJ OK!?.

I’m happy that she wasn’t flat out spiteful like some people would have you believe and that it was more to the story.

In the future, I hope the two poppin MC queens can get together for another collab, together…in the same room, same energy type flow. IDK a girl can wish, right?

(The first five seconds of this song gets me every time…that ass.)


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