Do you know how to love? If yes, HOW do you love and WHO do you love?

If I asked the closest person to you if you are capable of loving others what would they say?

I know how to love, but properly? I don’t think so.

It’s either too much or not at all; I’m never good swimming in lukewarm water.

I think I’ve spent a long time being confused with what love is, naturally as a young girl; I’ve spent time fantasizing about the “one day” that hasn’t come yet.

I often confuse the two “L” words (Love vs. Lust), and as a result, I’m not sure if I know how to love or love properly.

Depending on who you ask the question “does Maya know how to love?” you may get a variation of answers.

If you ask the closest person to me (my mom) she might say yes, but ask my dad he’ll most likely say hell no.

If you ask my friends, they might say yes, you ask my last boyfriend he might say hell no.

The different views are because of the walls I’ve built over time while trying to protect my heart and also the result of my experiences with men.

I guess I know how to love, but I don’t know how to be in love, you can count me out from being romantic.

The problem with confusing lust and love is the length of the heartbreak. It’s like lust has your world comes crashing down, you’re upset, everything reminds you of that person (now pay attention because this is when it gets better) then you forget.

The idea of the person you created in your head fades away, and you like “oh, well damn.”

I believe when you really LOVE someone you either find a way back to that person or you find a way to remain friends. The whole idea of letting someone go because you love them is bullshit to me.

If you really love someone how can you let them go completely? If they really love you back why not do everything in their power to help make things right??

When a relationship is based on LUST, I think you go through the emotional part, but then it’s like “why the hell was I acting like that” then you realize how much time you spent, wasted instead, on that person.

Then you move on to the next (hopefully not repeating an unhealthy cycle like me, but yeah.)

I love my family; I love my Friends, I love God, I love myself (more and more every day).