How early would you give your child a pack of cigarettes to smoke? Well, you may be causing the same harm by feeding them sausage, bacon and even eggs.

Did you know sausage and bacon are classified as a carcinogen for human consumption? I didn’t either that’s why I’ve been eating so much of it throughout my life; unfortunately but my poor dieting stops today.

Would if I told you that the whole notion of inheriting high blood pressure or diabetes from you parents was a myth? What if you found out a lot of your health issues are based on your diet?

If you’re like me then yes, you are aware of the variety of health risks that a poor diet can cause the question is after you learn to do better, will you?

I encourage you all to go watch the “What The Health” documentary on Netflix but *WARNING it’s probably one of the most upsetting health docs since “Supersize Me.”*

It’s more upsetting actually. You learn that instead of just destroying your organs with processed foods (which seemed to be the end result in SuperSize Me) an individual with a diet heavily based on meat, can develop straight up cancer, diabetes and other health issues that aren’t commonly discussed.

One very interesting fact is that organizations, such as the American Cancer Society, often go against the guidelines set by the World Health Organization and give diet recommendations and provide recipes containing the same carcinogenic foods.

For example, canned meats and white meats are listed under carcinogenic on the World Health Org website but promoted on the American Society of Cancer’s site under “Shopping List: Basic Ingredients for a Healthy Kitchen.”

So much confliction.

If you’re Vegan or commit to a diet with limited to no meat, please help! I don’t know what to eat, and I was warned that the confusion by these companies would cause this inner panic. Side note: here’s a food planning guildline from the “What The Health” site.

There is so much MORE to the documentary please watch it in its entirety.