Just in time for Mother’s Day: “Something I need to say” Red Table Talk Exclusive (Willow Smith )

“Something I need to say”


The idea of “Red Table Talk” is so important, especially in a time when we don’t get to see genuine, unscripted, emotion represented (positively) in TV/media by women of color.

I can count on one hand how many shows give us (women of color) a chance to see us (women of color) having mature conversations, or solely dedicated to discussing critical social issues, dealing with emotions/feelings, and finding a solution to help and uplift other women.

People just aren’t empathetic, sympathetic or willing to be vulnerable or show their true colors.

It seems like there’s so much hate in our communities and that is due to many circumstances. I think one is the lack of understanding of who we are and what we can be if we had the love for one another; communicating and taking the time to understand ourselves and love one another.

I look forward to more talks on self-care, love, and life as a journey.
Wheres the love?

Thank you for this show JADA!!

I appreciate that I will be able to see genuine love between women of color, women that look like me.

I always had a good relationship with my mom, but since I lost my grandmother, I always wonder what my life would be if my grandmother still around so this episode touched home for me.

I understand Willow’s emotion in expressing her love and appreciation for her mom.

Mom’s love, support, and overall presence in a girl’s life is so important, and I realize not everyone gets that love from mom…it’s a beautiful thing and something that can be so overwhelming.

With mother’s day around the corner, it got me thinking about mom’s. This show is magic and much needed!

I just love Willow Smith #YoungLoudProud


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