🗣PHILLY: Believe it or not Darby, Pa is rated the second most dangerous place in the country. This is a FACT, although some residents feel otherwise…

Excuse the colorful language but you get the point…

A lot of the violence is blamed on the high poverty in the Darby Borough and little job growth. They say when people are poor and without job opportunity, violence skyrockets.

#youngloudproud crew: name a place where you often go that (outsiders believe) is dangerous but you don’t think is that bad. Or a place that really is dangerous but you feel comfortable going anyway. Here’s what on of my IG followers had to say:

For me it’s all over my city. I always hear about the violence in Philly and I am aware of the risky places but as a single, female with melanin, I feel pretty comfortable walking around in different neighborhoods… thank God for protecting me (so far so good)!

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