Lions and tigers and bears oh my!!

So, I haven’t been to the zoo in YEARS and I was so honored when I was asked to chaperone a kindergarten class yesterday (5/16/18).

Rain soaked the entire city of Philadelphia but that didn’t matter, the little kiddies ran around in their ponchos excited to see all of the animals anyway.

The Nation’s first zoo was a sight for sore eyes yesterday, although we were drenched.

In addition to viewing the animal exhibits, the kindergarteners were able to interact with some zoo keepers and ask them a ton of questions about some of their favorite animals (cheetahs, penguins, and lions).

90s babies: remember zoo keys?

They also enjoyed a cool train ride (which was only $4), and were so excited to see the free roaming animals of the zoo (mostly squirrels, geese, and the colorful peacocks).

Watch my short video clips to see some of the highlights from the class trip and also some of my favorite animals:



If you’re planning a trip for yourself to the Philly zoo it’ll run you ~$24 (adults) & ~$20 for the kids. I wish we could be like DC and have a FREE admission zoo but eh it was totally worth the money.

We are animal lovers too. #youngloudproud