Coatesville Cultural Society Presents: The Gospel at Colonus- Oedipus the King

This past weekend my mom and I honored an invitation to attend this play by the Coatesville Cultural Society titled: The Gospel at Colonus- Oedipus the King. We traveled downtown (in Philly) without really knowing what we were in for.

My mom’s co-worker handed her two tickets to this play and honestly I was reluctant to agree to be my mom’s plus one, but at the same time I was so excited to see a play (it’s been years since I’ve attended one).

I knew very little about the story of Oedipus before going to this play. I remember high school English class touching on this story a bit, so I was familiar with the overall tale of the man who killed his father and married his mother, BUT I had no idea how detailed the story was.

Barring witness to this rendition really touched my heart; I really don’t know how I ended up feeling compassionate for a man who committed so many vile acts. It just goes to show that judging a book by its cover, in this case, judging a play by its title, rarely works out. The people that benefit are the ones who actually inquire and stick around to get the details.

This rendition was everything; it was Shakespeare with an African/gospel twist. From the good-looking actors & actresses dressed in African garb to the gospel choir singing and belting out hymns, this was a phenomenal play.

Bishop Bruce Parham played the role of King Oedipus, and he stole the show. There were some powerhouse voices in the choir; I even enjoyed watching the choir directors do their thing.

This was a play by Lee Breuer and Bob Telson.

Here are some pictures I captured:

There’s a plethron of amazing pictures on the Gospel at Colonus’ official website along with more details of the play, a list of cast members, and dates for more upcoming shows.

If you’re in Philly, tickets are still available for next week (Thursday – Sunday) email Bob Lohrmann, Co-Producer : (

We do plays too. #youngloudproud


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