I don’t fuck with you #Trial&Error #Selfish&Mean


Inequality: Pay me what you owe me. Unequal pay, Unequal love, Unequal education, Unequal respect, Unequal in the eyes of the law.

Dreams Deferred: Yes we can, yes I can, yes I did. Dreamer keeps dreaming, dream for the future, no dream too small, some don’t dream at all. Sweet dreams sweet lover of mine see you in your dreams.

Financial Aid Woes: I’m poor, I can’t pay, IDFWU Sally Mae. You took me for all I had before I had anything at all. Financial aid, aid me. I’m wounded (well my credit is). The doorway to my future is blocked, unblock me allow me access to the essential building blocks of life.

White supremacy: White man you’re not better than me my skin is a blessing you cannot see, don’t use me with your supremacy you think you’re so supreme American horror story the next supreme you scary you devour the very beings you set out to become white man you’re not so bad said my third uncle through marriage he ain’t blood blood white man your hands are covered in it look at it. Look at your face why is it the same color?

UNITY: Uniting a people who hate each other, United States, united we stand. We stand on the backs of others who crush the spirits of those who are different. Divided we fall. We were divided way before we fell. We fell because there was nothing to hold us together…Is all lost? I mean, how could it really be? Unity, Unite together, Unite in peace, Peace is the answer. Peace or deuces? Deuces to you. You’re untrustworthy. Deuces to the alternative facts. Two fingers to the fairy tales.

An excerpt from “An Ode to the ‘Good Girl'” available in paperback or kindle (e-book)


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