Walt Disney,

You’re not a genius; you’re a CON man

Kanye West gives you too much credit

You didn’t tell us that the Disney princess’ went and created a reality show

“The real princesses of Disney.”

Prince Charming ran off with Ariel,

Something’s fishy

Stay tuned to see who’s having whose baby

Mulan and the beast got together while Belle was studying for her Master’s degree

Where does all of this leave someone like me?

Just a girl from Philly’s used to looking for the truth through her TV screen

I blame it all on you.

No, but seriously why do I only attract guys full of lies?

This is not how I was supposed to end up.

Where’s my man that’s worth a damn?

Falling in love with a fantasy of a man is dangerous

(The one you helped me create)

But learning the truth that fairy tales never have a happy ending.

They really happen in reverse; the good stuff always comes first.

Putting a man on such a high pedestal because of a thought, idea, or hope of a thing, a beautiful thing…


Or so it’s been rehearsed…

An excerpt from “An Ode to the ‘Good Girl'” available in paperback or kindle (e-book)