Fake Deep #Selfish&Mean

I spend too much time staring at screens

Looking for the meaning of life and for what it all means

I see an idea of how lovers should be

I know that their “living the life.”

But it’s only TV

Reality TV is far from reality

Yet I can’t escape it

How has social media become an obsession of mine?

The only thought in my mind as I scroll up and down my time line

It’s only after the sun sets that I realize how much time I spent

I go outside of my budget every time

I get way more than what I bargained for

Admiring, feeling fake determined, looking for an interpretation, living through looking at people living in make-believe, gaining an understanding of everything but of nothing.

I don’t want to be the blind leading the blind

“A wise man knows that he knows nothing at all.”

A world is an individual thing

An experience is all in one’s own mind

To get the big picture, we can’t remain small by staring at someone else’s picture


An excerpt from “An Ode to the ‘Good Girl’” available in paperback or kindle (e-book)


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