The bootleg version of love #SpeakUp

(I’m trying to be)

I have nothing but my dad’s short temper, without any of my mother’s patience.

I’m a sight to see.

God loves me so much right?

So why is the concept of love so undefined?

Why is your love so absent?

Why is God the only one who loves me unconditionally?

I may have met God, I just wish at this moment I was more familiar so that I wouldn’t be mistaken

Every good thing I’ve ever felt in every moment that I wish I had the desire to take back I won’t or can’t

I’m too weak to

Maybe I’m too strong not to

I’m scared I’ll never find true love because I’ve stolen others’.

I fear that karma will always have me on the outside looking in.

Never the real experience.

The bootlegged version of love.

An excerpt from “An Ode to the ‘Good Girl’” available in paperback or kindle (e-book)


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