Unethical Behavior in social media (against minorities) and how it’s really affecting us #YLPtalk

A brief rant on a controversial issue: Unethical Behavior throughout social media against minorities and how it’s really affecting us.

Compared to the past, our society does not have to create our imagery or rely heavily on professionals to deliver information; this has negatively affected trust. We are in a society of go-getters for information.

The use of social media has become very popular as the delivery of information is quick and available through various technological devices.

In turn, the immediate aspect of receiving information has created an impatient society. The live broadcasting of the news, via video, has taken away censorship which has affected human empathy among viewers.

“Most young people are using online technologies as a way to connect with their real-world friends, with a small portion-17% of 12 to 17-year-olds using online social networking to build networks of new friends. (p.17)” Society has advanced in technology since the introduction of the printing press, making digital technology a primary means for communicating especially among youth.

There is a permanent nature that has come with digital technology never seen before. “Once information is online, it is not easy to eradicate it. Even if you eliminate the information from your profile, saved or cache versions may still exist on other computers. (p.39)” Everything that is put onto the internet or in the digital world lasts forever, in some form.

This is a complete distinction between the initial idea of media to the present. Even with the advancements of the telephone to the cell phone. The first invention of the phone did not include storage features. The telephone has advanced into a technological device capable of storage, phone calls, applications, access to the Internet, pictures, video, emails, in some cases word documents. “To remove data from your phone, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and remove your SIM card as well as any inserted memory card in your phone. “(p.43) There is a complete process for removing any information.

The development of digital technology has opened the door and created new job opportunities. In return, many print media companies have seen downfalls in profit. Major corporations have tried to transition and adapted to digital technology. The majority has created platforms, corresponding applications, and secondary sources/outlets for the public. The developments in digital technology increased the engagement in news stories. Often news outlets will provide direct links for live updates via social media.

The Internet is the main source of receiving information, and the capability of accessing explicit content in the news is a new concept which is not easily adaptable to without effects.

How many times can I watch people being shot and killed before entering a state of depression????

Unethical behavior and the unjust treatment of minorities is a controversy continuously in the media. Back in 2016, (right around the time I launched YLP) an African-American woman entered into a Kentucky courtroom after being denied feminine hygiene products and pants for three days. According to the Guardian, it was unclear whether the woman was fully dressed at the time of her arrest or remained in the same condition.

This was one of the first cases I really weighed in on social media and gave my two cents graciously. I remember being so disappointed in the different comments/views relating to this story. Unfortunately, I got into so many arguments with the Internet trolls, but I learned my lesson; I’ll keep my opinions and save my energy for this blog, YLP.

Honestly, I could fill my entire blog with different cases of injustice against people who look just like me (I’ll actually go more in-depth about the most current cases in another post).

Social media has morphed into a medium in which uncensored content is uploaded, exposing the injustices of many people, in this case, a woman of African decent The content that is caught and exposed to the public is a form of propaganda; social media is not a credible news source however, MOST people consume so much of it, making it hard to argue that point.

The use of social media ranges from professional to personal use, and the content is timeless. The use of social media has advanced from popularity to commonality. It has become contact information for personal and business professionals. Even some professional business cards feature Twitter or Instagram usernames and links.

We live in an opinionated generation by far. Sometimes it can be bothersome to see the frustration and the aftermath of so many hurt people in society. With all of the technology, video, audio, and footage there are emotional effects and reactions for some people, and there is still the denial of injustice with people; masking or making excuses for the unethical behavior. Social media is also breeding ground for other attacks such as cyber bullying which has also had a huge impact on young people.

People believe that the issue is with social media itself and some people believe racism and injustice will simply disappear if social media shut down today or tomorrow.

Think I’m lying? Refer to: criminal law in North Carolina banning video recording of law enforcement for more info. This idea caters to the idea that the issue is the content and not the activity, acts of violence, excessive force, discrimination, and flat out racism against minorities.

Media. (2016). In S. Bronner (Ed.), Encyclopedia of American studies. MD: Johns Hopkins University Press. Retrieved from http://search.credoreference.com/content/entry/jhueas/media/0



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