Put some emojis on my name: why it’s hard to date as a millennial #YLPtalk

First of all, let me say social media is very entertaining but the consumption of social media and the desperate need for attention from SOME people ruins relationships.

Guy: “Why are you single?”

Me: (shorthand version) “idk.”

The real reason is that it’s hard for me to trust.

The last guy I was really interested in hand Twitter fingers, he always double taps Instagram pictures of big booty girls, and I automatically caught an attitude any time I saw him put heart eye emojis under any girls pictures.

To some people that may not be a big deal but to me it was enough to cut him off.

Maybe one day I’ll be honest and admit I’m a bit insecure.

I’ve been single for a while, and the common denominator is myself.

Yes, I’m aware but just let me say dating as a millennial is just too stressful.

I’ve been conditioned in many ways; the things that really weren’t important, say ten years ago, are very important now. Who are you texting? Why don’t you have any emojis next to my contact in your phone?? You may be thinking that this is very immature of me, but very typical and realistic statements that can lead to devastating arguments/breakups.

Now that I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have work to do on myself (hence launching the #ILIKEME campaign for self awareness/self love) I am taking a step back, not making dating a priority, and I am committed to learning more about myself so I can learn how to be in a relationship with someone else.

I’m learning how to successfully date as a millennial.

I am deciding not to get mad, defensive or keep blaming others but to find out why I react to certain things the way I do.

I don’t know exactly what I want in a relationship I just know I don’t want anything that I’ve had already.

What do you think? Pick a topic below & email me! proudloudyoung@gmail.com

What are we? friends or nah
Put some emojis on my name


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  1. I think you made some great points when it comes to reasons why it’s so hard to date as a millennial. I think for me as I look at it now and if I want to be completely with myself I think I’m still trying to figure out what I want in a relationship. Or the type of person that I can really see myself happy with for longer than a month. It’s also takes a lot to put yourself out there just to get screenshot or even come off as “thirsty”. There use to be a time when you could like someone and it would be just that but now with social media it’s you’re thirsty for just showing interest to some. Insecurities is also a huge thing as well. In my experience I sometimes find myself questioning if the feelings are mutual or if they are being nice just to not hurt myself for because I’m being not instead of just saying my not feeling you like that. There are definitely some challenges out here but I guess like you said I guess I have to work on myself before I’m able to successfully date out here in these streets.


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