#WhatsGood? A look into the first chapter of #AnOdetoGG

“A girl is many things, one thing she’s not and can never be is easily defined.”

The first part/chapter in my book is a total of 17 pages.  What is a “good” girl? I’ve been associated with that label for as long as I can remember. I’m always asking for people to clarify #WhatsGood

A couple of characters are introduced in #WhatsGood. There’s Maya, the main character/narrorator/me/the “good girl” of the story, Omri (very vague relationship status/relationship to Maya/co worker, Tammi (Omri’s wife), and then there’s Trek (Maya’s “boyfriend” who’s got some fame associated with him).

We learn that Maya likes to daydream, she has some secrets, has made/will make mistakes, stuck in her fantasies, etc. during a phone call with Tammi as she is waiting in a hotel for her boyfriend for a special weekend together. The phone call was at perfect timing, it threw Maya off.

You also get some tea on exactly who Tammi is, although it really doesnt matter, the tea is sweet babyyy.

Trek comes just to say that he’s leaving for a trip with his friends. Completely dropping all of the plans Maya made for them. Instead of speaking up and telling Trek exactly how she feels, she keeps it to herself, and goes long with the new plans.

This is the introduction to my book and it should leave the reader questioning #what’sgood?

An Ode to the ‘Good Girl’” available in paperback or kindle (e-book)


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