One Step Away Philly: Brian says “Talk is cheap”

I commute into work every day, and I pass by Brian, a vendor for #OSAPhilly (One Step Away Philadelphia). You can’t miss him he’s always greeting the stream of commuters with an enthusiastic “GOOD MORNING!” even if no one returns the love.

I’m usually halfway asleep (and not fully accepting of the fact that I’m more than halfway to work) but Brian’s greetings snap me back to reality (thank you for that)!

This morning he was excited to stop me and tell me all about the two poems he wrote in this morning’s One Step Away Paper (“We Matter” issue) check them out (Disclaimer: I told Brian I would be putting him on Young Loud Proud and he said it was fine):


One Step Away is an organization that produces a “street newspaper” whose mission is SOCIAL JUSTICE; overcoming homelessness, joblessness, &poverty.

The purpose is to create jobs for members of the homeless population, in the hopes of diminishing people experiencing homelessness and joblessness in Philadelphia.

Vendors, volunteers, and the staff at One Step Away create the paper by contributing to its content; filling the paper with personal experiences, stories, poems, and insights.

The vendors then distribute One Step Away on the streets of Philadelphia, advocating for social change.

One Step Away: The Process

Vendors (Philadelphia residents experiencing hardships) receive their first 20 newspapers for free with additional papers costing 25 cents.

The vendors sell the newspapers on the streets of Philadelphia for a dollar (or whatever donation they receive), and they can keep the profit.

This process helps the vendors to gain self-sufficiency, engage with the public and strengthen social skills, gain employable skills, and most importantly earn an income.



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