Young Loud Proud meets the Cayman Islands #youngloudproud #YLPinCaymans

Make sure you’re following us on INSTAGRAM: @youngloudproud ✨🖤YLP’s account was briefly taken over by Charles (@iwill_willu ) and what made this particular takeover so special was that he was doing the takeover while venturing throughout the Caymans 😍Here’s the footage he promised us from his excursion (snorkeling with the Stingrays) ✨🖤 Thank you @iwill_willu so much!!!! This is so cool. Tag a friend & hashtag #youngloudproud #youngloudproud ✨Drop a comment to let us know what’s on your bucket list (would you ever try this👀) #YLPtravels #blacktravelmatters (editing cred: @iwill_willu via #youngloudproud)😍#YOUNGLOUDPROUD #blacktravelmatters

Don’t forget to follow us to keep up with a new segment “YLPtravels” wait until you see where we go next!! Our first trip was throughout Mexico now, check out this glimpse of the beautiful #CaymanIslands 😍


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