(Baddest mistake thus far)

Every call you send to voice mail is a reminder that you aren’t mine and never were

It’s been months now, and somehow I can’t let you go

I can’t forget that night; it was one of the best nights of my life

I won’t ever regret it

I can’t help to remember it

Every sweet kiss now replaced by salty tears

Every soft touch

Now, replaced with the harsh reality that for you, it was only one night

A score

An opportunity

Finally fulfilled

For me, it was one of my favorite moments, one of the best nights

The icing on my birthday cake

What am I supposed to do now that you can care less?

You hardly even look at me

Fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice shame on me again

If I can have a moment as sweet

Just perfect as what I once had

Maybe I’ll believe

Only in dreams have I felt that wanted, loved, confused

Lust is love. Love or Lust?

How could you have known?

It’s not your fault.

It’s not written all over my face that I would be your future biggest mistake.


An excerpt from “An Ode to the ‘Good Girl’” available in paperback or kindle (e-book)